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The Magic Tomato is a Socialpoint-sponsored animated episodic series on VanossGaming's channel.


Vanossgaming: Vanoss

H20 Delirious: Delirious

Wildcat: Wildcat

Lui Calibre: Lui

Terroriser: Terroriser

Sp00n: Arch Knight, Dr. Viktor, others

Episode 1


The episode begins where Vanoss is at his treehouse with watching "Monster Smash XVII". He cheers on Arch Knight when seeing him. The announcer then asks Arch Knight if the rumors of the Magic Tomato that can turn anyone who eats it into a powerful monster exists. Arch Knight denies its existance and says the only way to become as strong as him is to "eat your vitamins and say your prayers". Suddenly Dr. Viktor appears and grabs the microphone saying that the Magic Tomato exists and has the map to find it. Suddenly several guards appear and started to beat him up but not before telling the people watching to go to his website so they. Vanoss does so and calls Lui telling him that it is what they have been waiting for.

Episode 2



Episode 3




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