The Unboxing is a LootCrate-sponsored SFM episodic series on VanossGaming's channel. It is animated by ModestCube, also this page has massive spoilers.

Episode 1

The Unboxing- Episode 1

Episode 1 of "The Unboxing"

The episode begins, with a man driving a van with a green crate in the back of the van, it then cuts to Vanoss frying banana peels as the van parks in front of Vanoss' house, the content of green crate is revealed to a LootCrate, the man then walks up to the front of Vanoss' house and rings the doorbell... I'm not really good at this summary thing... Clean Up on Aisle... 1 to 5... I guess?

Episode 2

The Unboxing- Episode 2

Episode 2 of "The Unboxing" features VanossGaming and H2ODelirious


Episode 3

The Unboxing- Episode 3

Episode 3 of "The Unboxing" features Lui Calibre, VanossGaming, and Sp00nerism

Some time after Episode 2, Lui drugs Vanoss and brings him to his base in an attempt to steal his Loot Crate. Vanoss wakes up tied down to a chair by the sound of two guards playing chess, who do not notice him. He stealthily cuts his way out using a knife behind him and takes out the guards, allowing him to take back his Loot Crate. He eventually finds it guarded by sound-triggering lasers, forcing him to climb his way over it.

Episode 4

The Unboxing- Episode 4

Episode 4 of "The Unboxing" features VanossGaming Sp00nerism, and Indiana Jones


Episode 5

The Unboxing- Episode 5

Episode 5 features VanossGaming, Sp00nerism, Lui Calibre, and medical bills


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