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BigJigglyPanda, real name Anthony got popular because of his funny and weird laugh and very high-pitched voice. He is usually the underdog of the crew as he sometimes loses to his friends. He is currently dating a girl named Melina, she appears in some of his social media posts and he uses her account to play Mario Kart until getting his own account.

Games Played

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Golf It
  • Gmod Deathrun
  • Gmod Prop Hunt
  • Gmod Guess Who
  • Gmod Hide and Seek
  • Happy Wheels
  • Gang Beast
  • Call of Duty
  • Mount your Friends
  • Dream Rivers
  • Dream Rivers 2
  • Katana Land
  • GTA 5
  • Shell Shock Live
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Higher Lower
  • Prey
  • Super Bomberman R
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Klepto
  • For Honor
  • Steep
  • The Crew
  • GTA 5 Tron
  • Omnibus
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Tower Unite
  • Google Feud
  • Brainbread 2
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Ghost in the Shell: First Assault
  • Sniper Elite 3
  • Blood & Bacon


  • In one of the videos with Online Drawing Game, he was shown to be terrible at explaining a simple word "bite".
  • Well known at having a weird and twisted sense of humor. It usually come out of nowhere making it extremely funny. Making laugh everyone watching his video, including his friend during the video.
  • He is thought to be H20 Delirious' next door neighbor.
  • During recording of 2017 Bomberman for the Switch (cite needed), he smashed the screen of a nearby IRL TV in his room in rage, one of his videos (plus a tweet) shows the damaged TV.


  • "It's gotta be Hitler's d***!" (Cards Against Humanity)
  • "I don't know with which weapon World War III will be fought, but World War Phor (pronounced /fɨɔ/)..."
  • "'What's my secret power?' 'Rubbing my hand further and further up her thigh'...until I'm f***ing elbow deep! We were playing a game of Chicken, and she never said 'chicken', so now I'm up to my f***ing 12th knuckle. (chuckles) I'm so up there I'm using her mouth like a puppet!" (CAH)
  • "♫Pedos in Speedos, down by the beach. Pedos in Speedos, watch where they reach! They gonna take your kids, they gonna f*** 'em t'night! They gonna take your kids, they gonna treat them right!" (CAH)
  • Anthony: "'Sorry, I just dropped my cum dumpster.'" Tyler: "Yeah, I'll pick her back up at 9." Anthony: (laughs) "That's often late for daycare center to be opened." (CAH)
  • (Answering Nogla's question about "facing the fear of clowns by raping one") "Look, you understand that the only reason why I'm here, so that I can fuck this clown, so that you'll be like 'Wow, this clown is really submissive and takes some good a** d***!' get that right? I'm doing this for you, Nogla! I'm balls deep in f***ing Ronald McDonald right now, cause you're afraid of him! Do you know what McDonald's arches are shaped after? Ronald, after I F***ED DAT A** UP!" (CAH)
  • "Anything fits if you try hard enough." (CAH)
  • (Joins in the middle of a Cards game where everyone was talking about "cumming in one's own mouth") "Picture it: LittleJigglyPanda, approximately 12-14 years old. I don't know, it doesn't matter. I'd been on a week long camping trip with my fellow brother, and then got home and was eager to have a quick wank. And it happened so quickly and with such velocity, that before I knew it, I had busted a nut on my own forehead! Truth to be told, one of the best nuts I ever had." (CAH)
  • (Falls through the ceiling) "The room has an anus, and I am the poop." (GMod Scary Maps)
  • "Wife? I don't have a wife. I've got a cardboard box and some drugs." (GMod Funny Moments)
  • (Upon missing a hole-in-one by an inch in golf) *smashes desk* "AHHHH! THIS CAN"T BE F***ING REAL!!! F*******!!!" (Golf It)
  • (When Nogla stated the obvious in a golf session) "Thanks Einstein! Shut the f*** up!" (Golf It)
  • (One of Anthony's title card openings) "They talked s***. They will pay. Especially Wildcat. He sucks." (Tower Unite Golf)
  • "Why did they make this a guessing game?! Is this golf or Guess Who?!" (Golf It)
  • "That's a 30-point stack, BIA~A~A~A~A~TCH!"(PWND)
  • (Anthony's fake laugh) *over-exaggerated laughing/gagging noises* (All of his videos)
  • "What?! WHY DIDN"T YOU GET ON IT??!!! F***IN BITCH!!" (Super Bomberman R, before he broke his TV)
  • "Are you f***in' a bird, Jay?" (CAH)
  • "What did you say about an ASMR assault rifle?" (CAH)
  • "Public service announcement: If you jerk off 25 times a day, it is that bad. Your d***'s gonna look like a hot dog that someone put in the microwave for 12 minutes. It's like, all split and burst at the ends and s***." (CAH)
  • (One of Anthony's title card openings) "It's Horroween's Eve, you're in for a fright. There is a good chance Panda s***s his pants tonight." (Gmod Scary Map)
  • "It's like that fine line when you're beating off, but you can't pull too hard, otherwise you might rip your stalk off like a fresh piece of f***in' celery." (Golf It)
  • "If you're a young boy and you go to a Catholic church, that priest is all about 'word of mouth'. (awkward silence) I'm gonna leave now." (leaves seat and laughs hysterically off-screen while MiniLadd face palms) (Higher/Lower)
  • "I'mma start listing things that are more enjoyable than this one. 1. Masturbating with sand paper. 2. Watching dudes (bounces off the course) F********CK!!!" (Golf It)
  • F**K YOU C*NT!! DON"T F**KIN' START WITH ME ALREADY, YOU POTATO F*****!!! (Yelling at Nogla in Mario Kart 8)
  • "Trick or treat. Smell my feet. I died in the girls' locker room squeezing my teets." (GMod Deathrun)
  • (To Evan) "Well, we meet again, Yellow Man...Wait, hold on a second, that's racist. I'm sorry!" (Golf It)
  • "Look at that rollercoaster back there. Looks like a giant cater-chipola-cheppo-chappoler (caterpillar)." (Higher/Lower)
  • B: James was a lonely boy, but when he discovers a secret door in his attic, he meets a magical new friend, ________. W: Anne Frank (CAH)
  • B: As wonderful as ________ would be, we all know it woud never happen. W: An alternate universe where Donald Trump doesn't have autism (CAH)
  • B: When I walked into a KKK meeting, I saw ________. W: Donald Trump actually winning the election (CAH)
  • B: Turns out that ________-Man was neither the hero we needed nor wanted. W: Auschwitz (CAH)
  • B: Why am I banned from the daycare center? W: Well, I, uh, f*** kids. (CAH)

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