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BigJigglyPanda, real name Anthony got popular because of his funny and weird laugh and very high-pitched voice. He is usually the underdog of the crew as he sometimes loses to his friends.

Games Played

Cards Against Humanity, Golf With Your Friends, Gmod Deathrun, Gmod Prop Hunt, Gmod Guess Who, Gmod Hide and Seek, Happy Wheels, Gang Beasts, CoD, Mount your Friends, Dream Rivers, Dream Rivers 2, Katana Land.


  • In one of the videos with Online Drawing Game, he was shown to be terrible at explaining a simple word "bite".
  • Well known at having a weird and twisted sense of humor. It usually come out of nowhere making it extremely funny. Making laugh everyone watching his video, including his friend during the video.
  • He is thought to be H20 Delirious' next door neighbor.

Has bust a nut on his forehead at the age of 12 or 14

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