NOTE: all YouTuber's featured within this video are to be known by their YouTube names, e.g. if Vanoss has a line then it will be Vanoss and so on. Sentences highlighted in italics show stage directions, so what the gamers are doing in the video, and to give extra information on either when a sound effect is used or when they laugh etc. Anyone who has a line will be noted in the Featured List. Any words that are exaggerated by being spoken longer, it will be scripted as such. All help will be needed in completing future transcripts. All transcripts of vanoss' videos must start with this message.

Featured List:


H20 Delirious



The video begins with the four gamers about to start the Origins Zombies map.

H20 Delirious: Get ready to be stomped on by some giant robots. Let's go!

It then cuts to round 8. Vanoss has Juggernog, an MP40, and is shooting a zombie and reloading.

fourzer0seven: Me and Delirious are gonna go towards the generator.

Vanoss looks up to the Giant Robot Odin about to step on him.

Vanoss: Oh my god, I'm gonna DIE! (The Robot crushes him) Holy shit, I died from the foot! Holy shit! That was scary as fuck.

H20 Delirious: We know where they are now! We know where they are! Go left or right. Go left.

The Robot's foot moves and Vanoss is able to crawl around. He turns behind him and sees a Panzer Soldat stuck in the ground.

Vanoss: What the fuck is this? What the fuck is this?? What the hell?

H20 Delirious: I'm comin', Evan. I got you!

Gameplay then switches to Delirious' POV, as he has a Ray Gun and then sees the Panzer jump out of the ground and start charging at him.

Vanoss: It's like a mini- It's a MINI ROBOT!

H20 Delirious: HOLY FUCKING GOD!!

fourzer0seven: What the hell?!

Delirious starts hysterically laughing as the Panzer chases him and fourzer0.

H20 Delirious: (Laughing) What the hell... Oh! He's still chasing us!

fourzer0seven: It's a fuckin' big daddy!

H20 Delirious: (Shoots the Panzer with his Ray Gun) What the he-e-ell? Kill it! Goddammit! What the he-ell?

Gameplay then switches to fourzer0's POV, as he reloads his Python revolver. Vanoss is meanwhile revived by Nogla.

fourzer0seven: He's got a flamethrower. (The Panzer then shoots his retractable claw out, but it doesn't get him) Oh! He just shot something out!

H20 Delirious: Oh god.


Vanoss: Where is he?

H20 Delirious: I'm getting attacked by a robot!

A "Get over here!" SFX accompanies the Panzer whacking fourzer0, then roasting Delirious with his flamethrower.

Vanoss: I'm coming!

H20 Delirious: I'm fuckin' dead!

The Panzer then comes after Vanoss and Nogla.

Vanoss: Holy shit!

Vanoss shoots at the Panzer whilst he and Nogla retreat.

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