Evan Sewell Wallace, best known by his stage name E-Dubble (often stylized e-dubble, or shortened to e-dub) (November 1, 1982 – February 13, 2017) was an American rapper from Philadelphia whose tracks occasionally featured in the videos of VanossGaming (most notably using "Hampden Parks" as the opening theme to The Wildcat Cooking Show and the 2014 Best Moments montage, as well as "Taking My Time" in his "shooting with the beat shotty montage" clips). He was best known for his Freestyle Friday series in which he released a new song each Friday throughout all of 2010, with one final release in 2012. He was the co-founder of Black Paisley Records.

Evan is known to have had dealings with the other Evan in the past, having conversed with him on Twitter about the use of his songs on Fong's channel reportedly without his consent.

He died at the age of 34 on February 13, 2017 due to an infection in his body. The exact nature of the infection is not yet known, but as he directly quotes, caused him to 'throw up half of his body's blood' and for 'his hands to swell up.' He also said that he had to have '10 blood transfusions.'

Over the course of his career, E-Dubble released four albums; Straight Outta St. Mary's (2006), Hip Hop is Good (2009), Reset EP (2012) and Two Tone Rebel (2016).

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