Moo Snuckel (Brock) is a popular YouTuber known for his exotic laugh and pun jokes. He is respected for his bubbly personality and rare use of profanity.

He was born on June 17, 1987 He lives in Utah, United States.


Moo Snuckel's gaming content focuses on mainstream games like Call of Duty, Garry's Mod, and Grand Theft Auto V, where he plays with his friends.



  • Brock has a wife named Lauren, and they were married in 2016.
  • Brock's favourite animal is a dog.
  • Brock does not like spiders, he refer to them as godless killing machines
  • Brock is a fan of Harry Potter, and he has decided he is in Hufflepuff.
  • Brock played rugby prior to his YouTube career.
  • His username, "MooSnuckel", means a male camel-toe, which he found to be hilarious until he gained popularity. He later regretted his unprofessional username, but in summer 2017 he changed his name to just Moo.
  • He seldom swears and laughs off the pranks his friends do to him, though as time went on in 2017, he has become progressively angry when his friends prank him.
  • Moo usually never rages in his videos. The only games that make him rage are Golf it and Mario Kart, mostly after being annoyed by DaithiDeNogla or Terroriser.
  • He has a daughter with his wife Lauren, she was born in September 2017.


  • Are you serious?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!! I HATE YOU!!!! (Golf It, after being pushed off the golf green by Terroriser.)
  • *while laughing hard* I just sat there... and watched you climb up all those stairs...! (GTA V, after killing Delirious after watching him climb a large flight of stairs.)
  • AAH STOP IT!!!! STOP!!!! NOOO!!!!! STOP!!!! ( Mario Kart after being red shelled too many times)