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Ohmwrecker, Ryan (also known as Maskedgamer), is a youtuber who plays with Vanoss on Grand Theft Auto V where he usually plays as a red stocking used as a mask and wears a yellow shirt that says "Stank". On GMOD he plays as his infamous bunny costume and is known for being one of the most abused friends in the Vanoss crew. Ohm uploads gaming cutscenes, gameplay and collab videos on his YouTube channel. His current crew that he plays with most often consists of H20 Delirious, CaRtOoNz, and gorillaphent. However he is widely known by many people through the large variety of people he has collabed with in the past including the Derp crew who he still occasionally plays with , jacksepticeye and friends, The NLSS crew, the pewdiepie crew, the Vanoss and H20 crew which he frequently plays with and many twitch streamers.

Trivia Edit

Ohmwrecker got an item in the MOBA game League of Legends named after him (even though it is seen as one if the weakest items) as a refer a friend gifts he had managed to get over 1000 referrals. He was also editor in chief until 2012 and did many BETA testing for the game.

He has a character game model in Town Of Salem a RPG game he used to play a lot on his channel with TheRPGMinx

He is also the owner of a dog, called Buddi who he loves dearly and refers to him as his 'best friend' he often posts pictures of him on his Instagram

He is currently one of the 6 nominees running for the teen choice awards #choicegamer award of 2017. Making him the only gamer from the Vanoss crew to be in the running for the title alongside Summit1g, Nightblue3, Imaqtpie, lirik and Vikkstar123. This title of choice gamer was first introduced in 2017 putting ohm in the first batch of contestants running for it. Maybe he'll be running for it in the upcoming years aswell, we can only hope! :)

He has stated that he has a rare condition called Visual Snow, this causes his vision to occasionally go static like an old TV screen would.

Famous Quotes / ReferencesEdit

'Squeeze my weiner' - Cards against humanity

'Buttsex Ohm' - Dead by Daylight made by H2O Delirious

'Ice tea or lemonade' - Rainbow Six Seige

'I'm eating booty' - Mario Kart

'Ruuuuuuddddyyyyyyy' - Rainbow Six

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