"Hold on, my pizza's here... *leaves* I'm kidding! I'm kidding!"

- Evan, Zombie Library!

The Pizza Prank is a prank that was accidentally created by Vanoss in a game of Black Ops 2 Zombies.

When Evan orders a pizza before starting a new round in the Zombies map "Buried", he leaves Brock and Delirious to protect him from the last zombie of the round as he receives it. As the final zombie approaches Brock, it drops dead, ending the round. At this point, Evan is still getting his pizza and does not know what is actually happening in the game. Brock and Delirious are defending themselves using every skill and every weapon that they have. Eventually, they both died, ending the game. About a minute later, Evan returns upstairs only to find himself in the game menu. He states that the pizza man parked across the street and approached his house slowly. When he brought the pizza into his house, he decided to offer his dad a slice.

The Pizza Prank has also appeared in other videos, including Extinction, Zombie Library!, and Der Eisendrache Boss Fight #2. It is more commonly used by Vanoss to force his friends to wait before starting a game.


The reason the final zombie died is because in the Black Ops games, if a zombie cannot hit a player in a certain amount of time, they will die and another zombie will spawn. However, if the zombie is damaged (the zombie was missing legs), they will die and another zombie won't spawn, which ended the round instead.

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